Friday, March 18, 2016

Firewood and tree planting at our home

Here's a video about splitting firewood and planting new trees on our land :)


  1. First off, way cool safety goggles. :)

    Regarding buying tools, you said it right. Or as my father aways said to me: buy the best you can afford, you will never regret it. ;)

    And any local wood you can get is perfectly fine for heating. Read more at

    To cut up felled trees, I personally use a one-man cross cut saw. In part, because I am very eco–conscious, and a good hand tool needs no fuel; but mostly it is because chain saws scare me (I am not a hot house flower, but I have just seen too many accidents with those machines). :o

  2. As my mother-in-law says, "We're not wealthy enough to buy cheap things." That has new meaning to Yulia and I now that we have experience buying some things that we never had to think about before. Buy the right thing once, instead of buying something sub-par, only to have it break.

  3. Or another philosophy to live by: "short term gain, long term loss"

  4. Hi Michael, appreciate your quick response. I watched a few of your videos and it's a curiosity how quickly you adapted to the new culture/life style. I suppose having Yulia next to you helps. Let me tell you why it's of interest to me. I was born and raised in Lviv, that's my home town. And my family immigrated to US 30 years ago. I'm still a city boy living in the Big Apple, but six years ago I began to spend each summer in the county, North West of Catskill mountains upstate New york, probably not that different from the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine, although I don't remember it well. I learned a lot about life in the country, i.e. fixing barn's door, replacing window, mixing & pouring cement, planting trees, etc...etc. My nephew is getting married this coming summer in Lviv; he was also born in Lviv, lives on the west coast here, but met his future wife in Ukraine; sort of similar to you & Yulia, although you two met in US. anyway, I'm reaching out since I have a lot of interest in reconnecting to natural life in the country.
    well, we can chat further; should I write to your personal email in the future; this may not be of interest to everyone.

    1. We would definitely like to continue chatting. Just send a message using the "Contact Form" in the right column of the blog ==>