Monday, March 21, 2016

Another one of Michael's day trips to L'viv

Here's another video Michael made from one of his day trips to L'viv. As you can tell, our trips to the city are mostly for shopping, since we hardly buy anything at all when we're at home. We'll get around to showing more of L'viv--especially from a leisure point of view--sometime soon!

We hope these videos continue to give you a feel for what are lives are like as we bring you along with us!

PS--We're posting quite frequently now, so look around and make sure you haven't missed anything on our blog! We have another video edited and ready to go, and it will be up on YouTube very soon! Also, we haven't posted all of our YouTube videos on this blog, so make sure you look around our channel to see what else we have up there! If you click on the "MYPichka" link under our videos, it will take you to our channel.

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