Sunday, August 28, 2016

Our house guests and poppy seed varenyky!

As you may have noticed, Yulia and I have not been so diligent in keeping up with videos and blogging this summer. That's because we had some special guests at our house for about two months! They are our lovely friends from the States, and we were SO happy to have someone finally come visit us! :)

We had a busy summer with them, tackling big jobs like building a front fence and not-so-intense jobs, like lounging on a blanket under the linden trees.

This video shows one of our trips to L'viv in July. Yulia and I took our friends out for poppy seed varenyky (aka Ukrainian dumplings!). Mmm!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Yulia's birthday!

This is the video in which we finally show you the finished result of our new sun room. We had been working so hard on it so that it would be ready for our new guests to sleep in (they arrived later that day, in fact!).

More importantly, it was Yulia's birthday!! We go into town and have a beautiful lunch with Yulia's parents at Lviv's vegetarian restaurant.