Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day in the life video from September!

Here is a video we shot in September. We filmed it then, but put off editing it until now. Now is better than never, we figure!

It was nice watching this! We forgot just how green everything is in the summer!

In the future we want to show you more of our house and garden, what we eat, and our trips to Lviv. Yulia's already been talking about a video where we contrast our village with Lviv--there is a big difference! Do you have any suggestions?

We enjoy watching vlogs that other people make--especially travel vlogs. It's very interesting for us to see what life is like for people in other countries. We realize that there are very few travel vlogs from Ukraine, so we hope to add to the small number that are out there.

On that note, if you know of any Ukrainian YouTubers, please let us know. We enjoy Olga Reznikova's videos. We first found her while searching for videos about village life in Ukraine. She's great!

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