Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our trip to Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine [Vlog]

We took a short little trip to Ivano Frankivsk for Yulia's birthday this year. We've only passed through this city in the past, but since it's so close to where we live, we thought we should finally venture out and see it a little more thoroughly.

It turns out that Ivano Frankivsk is beautiful, and we're so glad we came! It's a nice place to visit, and it's probably a nice place to live!

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  1. Love this video. I really enjoyed exploring the City of Ivano-Frankivs'k with you.
    I laughed when you finally come on and mentioned Mondays – I had already paused the video and looked it up. They have some marvelous pictures of their food – everything looked so good.
    And that precious school! So pretty. We could use some of that in our elementary schools.
    I also enjoyed seeing the chestnut tree. As you know, all ours in the US died out due to disease years ago, so most of us have never even seen one.