Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Unexpected things we've learned about

When we first envisioned living in the Ukrainian countryside and building/renovating a house, we expected and thought about a few things. What would it take to install running water in the house? How would we plant our garden and orchard? How would we collect rain water? What kind of paint would we use on the walls? Etc.

But it turns out there were a string of other things that we had never thought about and never heard about. Yesterday, our neighbor was welding next door, and, as a result our lights were flickering and our voltage stabilizer was turning the power on and off as needed to protect our appliances. Quite honestly, this was an issue that we had never thought about.

We're happy to learn about new things, and sometimes life has a way of forcing you to learn. In this video, Michael not only discusses voltage stabilizers, but also talks about ventilation for sewage pipes, inverters, uninterruptable power supplies, flashing, ...even how we learned to make videos on YouTube!

Are you doing something similar where you live? What unexpected things have you learned about that have proven to be very useful?

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