Monday, May 29, 2017

Lots of church holidays in Ukraine! [+Nature Vlog]

In this video, Michael discusses the abundance of small church holidays in Ukraine, which are especially important to people in the countryside.


  1. Sitting here at my desk in an office complex in Atlanta (after an hour commute and thought -- I need a Ukraine fix. I was delighted to find this video on your blog.

    Love this video! I wish we had as many holiday here in the US. We all need to slow down, stop working, and enjoy the beauty of the world.

    Hint -- love the little church. One day could you sneak inside and take photographs? I bet even though it is small, is is spectacular. I am going to try to grab a screen shot and post on FB.
    Take care

    1. We published a Facebook post with pictures of our church sometime in the winter. The inside of the church is quite lovely!