Saturday, April 30, 2016

Small towns in Ukraine

Have you ever wondered what small towns in Ukraine are like? Even if you haven't, we're still gonna show you! ;) 

In this video, Michael makes a video during a trip to a small town in our area. He talks about what it's like there and what we like (and don't like) about small towns in Ukraine.


  1. I decided to burn some of my metered bandwidth to watch all this video, since I deal with this issue also in Hungary as well (villages, towns and cities and their differences).

    Everything you said there rang true for Hungary as well. Some of it was how it was in Hungary 10 years ago, but things have improved a little (except for the roads -- some of those here still are terrible). For example, today any local small hardware store can now get us flashing for our roof (but, yes, till then, it took a while to that point and only just a few years ago finished with our roof drains and flashing --

    Side note: the tree trimming is also done in Hungary like this. It is called "pollarding". I will let you look that up on for details. While pollarding is "okay" if planned correctly, often it is done wrong in Hungary. In fact, there are no real professional arborists in Hungary at all -- mostly only loggers.

    1. Yes, Yulia read about this kind of tree trimming before. She mentioned that sometimes people use the thin green stems that grow out from the trunk as food for livestock. We don't know if that's what people around there do with it. In general though, we're not huge fans of that method of tree trimming!