Friday, April 1, 2016

Egg industry in the US and Canada to stop the barbaric practice of grinding male chicks alive

By Michael

Yulia and I just read some great news that we're really excited to share with you!! The egg farmers of the United States and Canada have made a joint announcement that they will stop the barbaric practice of suffocating and grinding all male chicks on the first day of their lives.

At one time, farmers felt that they needed to "discard" about 50% of all chicks because the males were useless for the purposes of their business. Roosters do not lay eggs, nor are they grown for meat, so the egg and poultry industry had no use for them. All male chicks were separated from the females on a conveyor belt by workers called "sexers." The males were then thrown into a plastic bag, which was tied tightly once the bag was full with the new borns. An alternative method consisted of putting the chicks onto another conveyor belt that would drop them into a grinder, turning them into a blood and bone pulp.

But, thankfully, this is ancient history. It's also expected that farms throughout the world will take the lead of the US and Canada and also halt this heinous practice.

Gomer Pile, a farmer from Egg Enterprises Incorporated of Vermont, had this to say:

"At one point, we stopped and thought about it and realized that this practice was utterly insane. I mean, we were tearing millions of delicate, defenseless creatures into pieces on the first day of their lives."
In even more positive news, Yulia just showed me a Facebook post which linked to a statement from the pork producers of the America. They have considered ceasing the common practice of castrating pigs without anesthetics and keeping sows in gestation crates where they cannot even turn around for the entirety of their lives.

"We've realized that we cannot justify forcing millions of animals to live a lifetime of misery just to save a few extra dollars. At one point we were actually unsure whether or not animals could feel pain in the same way that humans since they can't talk. Now we realize that when the pigs shrieked and struggled when we were cutting off their testicles, they were most definitely feeling excruciating pain. We understand that our former ways were brutal and unjustified. We promise to treat our pigs better from now on. We are even considering not breeding anymore livestock at all and looking for healthy, plant based alternatives to use in our diets instead. " 

Seems like a lot of people in the world are waking up! It's a good day! :)

***A happy belated April 1st to everyone! This "news" was entirely fabricated, but how wonderful would it be if it were true??


  1. I went to the link under "joint announcement", but only found that is just calling for an end to this practice. I read no joint announcement from those in the egg industry that this practice will actually end.

    Am I missing something?

    1. Yup! It was an April fools day joke :)

      See the last line of the post. Just having a little fun and doing our best to spread compassion!