Monday, April 17, 2017

Why are all the trees in Ukraine painted white?

Have you ever wondered why the trunks of so many trees in Ukraine are painted white?? We have. It's apparently an ongoing national debate in the country. Many people say it helps protect trees from bugs, and many say it's pointless and ugly--a habit from Soviet times. Kyiv recently banned the painting of curbs and tree trunks white, so it seems like things may be changing.

What are your thoughts? Do you like seeing freshly painted trees in the spring? Have you ever seen painted trees in other countries? Lastly, do you know why people do it? Let us know!


  1. Well, when I was a bitty boy I remember tree trunks being painted white. I found out that it was not paint but lime mixed with water, it was done to worde off insects and other bugs that were harmful to trees.

  2. Here's a link to the article I mentioned about the ban in Kyiv: It prohibits the painting of decorative trees in the city. If you look closely at our thumbnail for this video (from our city--Lviv), you'll see that everything has been painted--from birch trees to the concrete electric pole!