Thursday, October 13, 2016

Changing the roof over the future laundry room

We learned that the roof over our future laundry room is leaking. Since we want to insulate that room before winter, we have to re-cover the roof so it doesn't get the insulation wet. The leaks are also causing a lot of rot--and no one wants that!

See our progress after two days in this video!


  1. First, nice wood stack! Maybe consider posting a photo of it over at :)

    Second, I have a similar problem. Small out building with water line that can freeze in the winter. Insulated. But one year (when it went to -10°C) the water line just froze solid. To keep it from breaking, I got a small electric space heater. So now if the temps are really going low, I now do some preventative action and just plug that in over night -- just to play it safe. I also added a drain to the water line, so I can drain it of water if the temps might get too low over night. Long term plan is to install a more permanent electric heater unit with a thermostat (so I do not have to manually plug and unplug the heater as I do now -- and which I hope will save some on electricity). And of course, if it freezes and electricity goes out.... might need to consider a small generator.

    Third - That looked like a lot of dry rot on that beam. How did you deal with that? Did you have to replace that section? Or was it in better shape than it seemed, and could still hold a nail?

    1. Now that the roof's done, we've insulated the room pretty well. We'll just have to plug in a space heater during any really cold weather. We'll see how it goes.
      There definitely was a lot of rot on the beam. I used a new piece of wood to span the gap.