Sunday, August 7, 2016

Yulia's birthday!

This is the video in which we finally show you the finished result of our new sun room. We had been working so hard on it so that it would be ready for our new guests to sleep in (they arrived later that day, in fact!).

More importantly, it was Yulia's birthday!! We go into town and have a beautiful lunch with Yulia's parents at Lviv's vegetarian restaurant.


  1. Я з днем народження вітаю, Юлія!! :) (Please forgive any spelling errors)

  2. I love the sun room. I also love the tiles! I think they are a perfect match for the room.

    We also had extreme weather here in Hungary this year. Hail this summer ruined 30% of our grape crop.

    But if you have problems with hail in the future with your sun room roof, before you add a solid roof, consider double walled polycarbonate sheets first. We have that type of roof and hail did not damage it.

    1. Wow! 30% of your crop?? That's a lot! We heard a lot of sad stories about hail this year. Hopefully this won't be a trend in the future...
      If the roof gets damaged again we'll try the polycarbonate. We put some thin (4mm) sheet on our new front gate, so we now know where to get it and how it works.