Thursday, April 9, 2015

Some of our current favorite Ukrainian music

Here's some of the music that Yulia and I are listening to lately:

Vivienne Mort - Сліди маленьких рук

A passionately played song. This is one of Yulia's current favorites!

Vivienne Mort - Грушечка (українська народна пісня)

And here's another one from her. It's an old Ukrainian song called Грушечка (a small pear)  in a modern interpretation. 

Lemko Bluegrass Band - Буковина

This is a folk band from Lviv (where the video takes place) playing a fun song. This is the way life should be! :) 

Один в каное - Небо
Remember my date with Yulia? We took a walk through Lviv and got some excellent cookies from a colorful bus?
This music video takes place by that bus! It's so wonderful to see a music video filmed at a place we feel we know so intimately!

Onuka - Look

This is minimalism at its best. We especially like the bandura solo. It's great to see them integrate traditional Ukrainian instruments into something cutting edge and modern.

Sophie Villy - Here and Nowhere Else

This is a Ukrainian-Georgian singer. The song is sung in English. It appears that the video was filmed in Georgia. The repetition of video clips throughout the song reminds us of memories. We often repeat the same scene over and over in our heads when we try to remember a particular period of time. We'll play the same images over and over and cut to others in one continuous stream--just like this video. The images in the video seem very happy while the music is quite sad--like remembering a good time in your life that is long past.

These are all Ukrainian artists that are not very well known in Ukraine, let alone the world. We think they all have great potential, and we hope they continue to expand the definition of what it means to be a Ukrainian musician!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these songs! It's always nice to hear music coming out of other places!