Friday, October 24, 2014

First Frost, First Snow

We've been having a warm fall here in western Ukraine. Yulia and I have been wearing shorts while working and watching the bees fly around contently. Our garden looked like this two weeks ago:

But this morning we woke up to snow covered geraniums, nasturtiums, and marigolds. The blooms hadn't even been browned by winter's first frosts. This was both the first frost and first snow.

What month is it? October??

Our cat, Laska, figured out that the door to the pichka (pronounced, peechka) is also the door to warmth during these cold days.

Levko the copycat reasoned that it would be even warmer if he nuzzled right up against the metal door!

In the end they realized that it is even warmer when they are together.

Warm wishes where ever you are!

Our clematis, frozen in mid-bloom


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    1. Ya. What a shock...especially after July-like conditions all month!