Thursday, August 28, 2014

Images from western Ukraine in August

August: So many different things seemed to have happened this month! I am writing this while a cold rain falls during an especially dark night, yet the pictures from earlier in the month depict an abundance of warmth. Can those really be from the same season?? We also started bringing new furniture into our home as we are finishing renovating certain rooms in our house. It feels absolutely amazing to walk around in socks on a clean floor! Yulia and I took a trip to the city together, so this series of pictures will include both the country and the city.

Me admiring our Cherokee White Eagle corn. This is one of our "three sisters" plots, which consist of corn, beans, and squash. I've never grown corn from start to finish before, so I'm especially excited that it seems to be doing well so far.

What happens when the power goes out :)

Toma's favorite spot

Patty pan squash...

...stuffed with goodies

Was that food on the veranda in the last picture?
Yup. Thanks to our new wicker furniture!

"Light weight" is definitely a theme for us as the bamboo dresser and cardboard hanging light show. The house still isn't done yet, which is why there are clothes in baskets and bags. They are waiting for us to make a closet in what will be the bedroom. And you heard correctly--that is a cardboard light. It's from the "I love Karton" (cardboard) people. It's amazing what they can do with this material. If you are interested, see some photos of their work here: Love Karton.

Some neat stuff they were selling at the art and urban exploration fest in Lviv. 

Still can't get enough of the great work that was on display there

There is inspiration everywhere. We'd like to install similar shutters on the windows of our house when the time comes.

Who says you can't grow trees if you don't have any land? A second floor balcony is all you need!

And the grapes are beginning to ripen. Definitely August!


  1. Lovely shots. Happy to hear the house is coming along well. And those grapes look delish! Is there wine making in your plans?

    1. Thank you :)

      We made wine last year (and wrote a blog post about it:, but since we didn't drink much of it, we probably won't do it again this year. We'll probably stick to eating and making juice from the grapes.