Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Images from a Ukrainian village in July

Despite the bad news of the steadily escalating war in Ukraine, Yulia and I would like to share some images from life at our home this month. Even if only briefly, we hope they bring some normalcy and sanity to you, our dear readers. The evil puppeteers would prefer people to be despondent and would encourage a mass exodus and brain drain in our society. We are consciously resisting that.

If it was by birthday, then why I am shelling fava beans with our friend Rick in this picture?

Because it's fun and they are delicious, of course!

What would Ukrainian national poet Taras Shevchenko look like with Albert Einstein's hair? Pretty darn good! (Picture taken while in Lviv)

Speaking of Shevchenko, I've been meaning to share this video of a concert titled, "Taras Shevchenko," by the band New Order. It takes place at the Ukrainian National Home in New York City in 1981. It doesn't have much to do with Shevchenko (though his portrait hangs above the stage during the performance), but I do enjoy the music. If it's your kind of thing, you may enjoy it too. I find something new every time I watch this video. For example, one of the band members scratches his guitar against a piece of stereo equipment about 19 minutes in. It creates a surprisingly interesting sound!

July is a good month to mix cob. In general, Yulia and I have been enjoying "beachy" living. We wear our bathing suits when it is hot out and wash with cold well water before lunch. It is refreshing and makes us feel like we are at the beach.

A raw beet

Our jujube is flowering! Keeping our fingers crossed for some fruit this season!

A marigold wreath that Yulia made drying on our pichka

Our cat, Laska, resting by the highly prolific nasturtiums. I like to taste a few flowers a day. They're quite spicy. If you try this, remember to blow out any ants that may be hiding inside the blooms!

Our dog, Toma, spying on me and our other cat, Levko, as he sleeps


  1. Can you please explain the "mixing cob" business? Whatever it means, it looks like fun!

  2. I was mixing sand, clay, and straw (aka cob) to fill in a gap in our wall (we had double doors and just installed a narrower single door). It certainly is fun!

    Also, see our next blog post. We devoted it all to cob! :)