Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dinner at Lviv's new vegetarian restaurant

Yulia and I made our biannual visit to a restaurant a couple of days ago. The last time just the two of us went out to eat was in the autumn. I wrote about it in the post called, "A Date with Yulia."

We typically don't go to restaurants very often because we haven't found many restaurants that make the kind of food we like to eat. Plus, it is now a rarity that the two of us are in Lviv at the same time. The animals and garden make it hard for us to leave.

But our kitties might just have to go unfed more often now as Yulia and I magically "find time" to go to the city together. We recently ate at "Green," the new vegetarian restaurant in town, and we will be returning.

We are way envious of the multiple lemons on the mini lemon tree on the counter

They have one heck of a good menu, with vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan dishes.

Yulia's face upon learning that they make raw vegan borscht
For the quality of food, the prices aren't bad either. 15 hryvnias (just under $1.50) for raw vegan borscht? We'll have some!

The restaurant itself is simple and clean, cheery and natural.

There were no cranky men with big bellies drinking boisterously in the corner. All too often we are driven away from public places by people like this. Yulia and I hope that respectful people, like those we saw at Green, will become the new norm in years to come. The whole aloof cynic thing is not for us.

But not only did the people there respect our presence, so did the food!


Vegan fish sticks (not like the processed fake meat you'd expect--this is made from tofu and seaweed)
And what lovely deserts!


  1. Prices are amazing :) Which neighborhood's that?

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  4. does this place still exist? i couldnt find it on my lviv stag do when i was there but really wanted to after reading this blog. love vegan food and love lviv!

    1. Yes, they still exist, and the food is still amazing. Just tried their summer menu last week.
      Here is a link to their Facebook page: